What to Expect

At Lux Vitae Wellness we welcome individuals from all walks of life to experience natural wellness so that YOU can get back to doing the things that you LOVE!  We cater to children and adults alike.  A typical session with Dr. Schreiber starts with a thorough medical history and examination where we’ll discuss your current well-being and health goals.  If necessary, X-ray, MRI or blood work may be ordered.  We’ll also review the variety of treatment modalities available, corrective exercises and possible lifestyle recommendations.

Please fill out the patient intake forms ahead of time, or come to our first appointment 10-15 minutes early to fill out the appropriate paperwork.  Bring any relevant medical records, x-rays, MRI, etc.

In addition to customized Chiropractic treatments, Lux Vitae Wellness also offers aromatherapy sessions with whole-body restoration on the FDA-approved Richway Biomat as well as Ionic Detox Foot Bath treatments.  If you are interested in experiencing a healing session on the Richway Biomat or Ionic Detox Foot Bath separate from the Chiropractic adjustment please state that request prior to the appointment.

You can be confident that when you are with us, you are in the best of hands.  We are committed to giving you the quality of care you need to heal and stay healthy for years to come.

Please set aside 45 minutes to one hour for the first visit.