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Time and time again my friends ask what I would recommend for a water filter.  Some don’t even ask and I still can’t contain my excitement!!  Time and time again my answer remains the same.  The two leading ones out there are Tyent and Kangen.  I’ve used both.  I’ve researched both over years to compare if what these devices promise holds up.  Is it REALLY as amazing as what people make them out to be?  How’s the customer support?  What’s the warranty like?  Do they offer financing?  Or my favorite, are there REALLY any health benefits or is it just hype?

Tyent and Kangen/Enagic water ionizers are both recognized for use as certified medical devices in Korea and Japan, respectfully.

Kangen/Enagic machines have earned 16 different international quality and standards certifications, while Tyent’s machines have earned 18 certifications from different agencies, including an impressive A+ rating with the BBB.

Tyent takes the upper hand here because their award-winning water ionizers have earned all the highest international certifications, confirming Tyent’s unparalleled commitment to excellence and superior quality.


Kangen water machines use a single filter that’s very small and unable to protect you from toxins if your source water contains heavy metals or salt. What’s worse is that Enagic won’t even provide you with a free water report that checks the quality of your local water before you buy a Kangen water ionizer.


Tyent water ionizers use an advanced dual filtration system that can remove over 200 harmful toxins and contaminants that could be swimming around in your source water. Tyent’s expert water quality team will even send you a free water report to help you learn about the contents of your local water in detail. Once you have your water report, Tyent’s water quality experts will customize pre-filters for you so that you get the cleanest and healthiest water that you can get from your water ionizer.


Why would you settle for a single water ionizer filter from a Kangen water machine when you can have a Tyent water ionizer machine with superior dual filtration and customized pre-filters that ensure you are drinking the cleanest alkaline water in the world?



The plate technology used in an alkaline water machine is one of the most important components of any water ionizer because the plates ionize your local source water.

The Kangen SD-501 uses 7 titanium/electrode plates, while the K8 model uses 8 solid plates. While solid plates are known to be strong, Kangen’s plates just don’t work with hard water. Plus, their solid water ionizer plates just don’t provide that same amount of ionization capabilities like Tyent’s plates with Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost provide in the ACE-13 and UCE-11.

Tyent’s ACE-13 water ionizer uses 13 Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates that are dipped multiple times in platinum and strengthened by titanium to work with all types of water to produce the highest quality alkaline hydrogen water in the world, while the UCE-11 model uses 11-plates. Tyent’s advanced plate technology increases the level of surface area that’s available for electrolysis.



To get the most out of your water ionizer, you should pay special attention to the warranty a brand offers to its customers.

Enagic customers will just have to make do with a limited 5-year warranty that is VOIDED if they don’t send their Kangen water ionizer in to be cleaned. There are just too many stipulations in their warranty, which can scare off potential buyers due to the machine’s high price tag.

Tyent offers its customers a one-of-a-kind LIFETIME warranty with no fine print and zero stipulations on their top-selling water ionizers, including their popular UCE-11 water ionizer and their best ranking countertop model, the ACE-13.


Trial Period/ Return Policy:

Enagic only offers a trial period of 3 days for their water ionizers, which is clearly not long enough for someone to see or even notice a difference in what Kangen Water can do. Some people can’t even get the machine set up in 3 days.

On the other hand – Tyent offers a consumer-friendly 75-day trial on their water ionizers, giving you plenty of time to see and feel the positive impact that Tyent Water can have on your health.


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